What would you tell your running self when you started?
Get Ahead of the Game: Utilizing Past, Present and Future to Enhance Your Training

December 2022

After this newsletter I'm gonna go even deeper!

November 2022

Everything to know about run/endurance sports energy systems and how they help you run faster/farther

October 2022

Using a coach to run a faster 5k, half marathon and more

September 2022

On run naps, run power, my current training and how your run passion makes a better world

August 2022

Fitness loss after a break, my current training updates and what's better breathing; mouth or nose?

July 2022

My current fitness, how to rest between races, recovery swims, strong toes, warmups, and things runners should NEVER do

December 2021

Ice baths, consistency and faster 5k racing

November 2021

๐Ÿ’ฐGet $100 by telling me what to post next

October 2021

Learn how being undertrained is the best to ride the waves of life

September 2021

How to upgrade your identity to form new run habits